How To Free Up Storage Space On Your Android Phone

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Android smartphone lets us better. In the beginning in our smartphone works fast. But slowly fills its internal memory is gone. For this , our smartphone seems to work slowly. And for this reason, we have to fall the hassle.
  You guys try a few easy ways you can save storage space by emptying, the phone performance speed is great. Now we will tell you how the internal storage is empty ?

Needless to uninstall apps

It happens very often that you download new apps are right , to feel passion. Downloading apps from google play store and you take too much. In these applications, there is a lot of apps installed on the waste we take. There work is not in us even though we have put install.
 All the apps that give them uninstalled. Go into the setting for it in the app removal or you can touch and hold to the icon , it will also help you the uninstall option.

To clear the cache memory

Lots of stuff is saved in the cache. Which is the internal storage of the smartphone ? Fast running apps and website is very little data cache. And it seems to run slow smartphone. the cache is not something we have. Take it immediately clear. Follow steps below to clear it.
Setting --> Storage and USB --> Internal storage --> Catched data.
 After clearing your internal storage and it will grow to the smartphone will work better than before.

Reduce the size of pictures

 A lot of photographs collection gives your smartphone is slow. So do not necessarily all of the photos should be saved on the smartphone. Back up your smartphone with you later on and you can withdraw again.
 Another form of this app by downloading a photo or picture  resizer can save by reducing the size of the photo. Even less will replace your storage.

Remove Videos

Has not much videos on your smartphone the only thing keeping the videos. Very after it happens that you put the video on your mobile and see the videos are not even repent. It is also slow your smartphone. Back up these videos take you privately or you can also be uploaded to youtube. Deleted videos from the phone , after which they give. This way you can fast your smartphone.

Delete the downloads

Immediately delete your smartphone to download. For this , you go into the setting of your smartphone are in downloads. If you download a large file and delete it if you laid.
  In the same file as the running speed of the smartphone is weakening. In a week when all downloads are cleared. Your smartphone will work it fast.

Deleted folder that surrounds the place

Do not to the meaningless folder. Usually, this happens when you are meaningless folder create. It does not at all , which of watched folders that are taking up too much space it is. Check it take to download ES File Explorer. It's better to not have to delete the folder.

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