How To Protect Your Email Account From Hackers

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 nowadays email hacking trend is increasing. many people have come to email hack. today email addresses the most important part of the online world. there is a lot of information in our email. such as bank transaction, passwords and credit card details, even the statement occurs. social media information also comes from our email. we always should retain email and password, so it took a lot of trouble will hack.

 If you are using email daily, as well as pay attention to the security of your email. you can set the lamp to the habits you can improve your online security.

More than one email account

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you should always have more than one email account. it will continue to protect you. email should always different for different. never give your personal email not to stranger. if you do, you are taking a risk. always keep your password is unique. all emails should not identical passwords. if anyone has hack will know the passwords of all account. following and passwords to access that social media can bother you. so should not the same password for different email.

Public WiFi

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 If you are anywhere using public wifi. it is very dangerous for you. If you do not have the wifi on your smartphone using public should not download any file. so if you want to use public wifi, do not forget your personal email logout.

Secure Link

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 The same passwords should not ever two emails. because in the online world , even the smallest mistakes can prove to be a boon for hackers. whenever a stranger should not open them if a link in the email. in such can  hack your password.

 Likes links sent in email risk likewise is a risk of attachment. you just know it would be better for people to open an attachment.

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