7 Best Free Music Apps For Android

Everyone is fond of listening to songs. Would like to listen to all the songs. Free jogging, sitting at home or while listening to music or your mood of the moment should be.

Smaller or larger in age everyone feels extremely good to listen to songs someone has to pay a fee to listen to songs. Some people hear the music through streaming. So today we are going to tell you some free music apps. This application will allow you to double your music quality.

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1. Black Player 

This is a free app which local music file formats such as standard Mpx, WAV, OGG, files supports. As you can set your sound. Also embedded in music seeing the lyrics in this app also has the ability to edit.


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The app, mpg, max, Wav, Ogg, umx, mod, mox, it, Sxm, mtm, xm, aac, flac, mpy, mya, myb, mpc, wv, opus, dsf, dff files supports. There is 10 band equalizer.

3. Phonograph

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The app is great to work and works on android Lollipop and above models have been able to . This app is used as easily and very good for sound.

4. Pulsar

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The music player comes with a unique and material design. The album tracks folders etc.. can play through. These things are quite a quick search.

5. Jet Audio

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This is a free app is also available, although its paid version. The ex-boss, playback speed control, many features such as automatic gain control are given. It has every type of file access can go.

6. Stellio

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These high with 12 bands equalizer and 14 effects resolution audio delivers. This a special feature that lets you change the song too often do not have to open the phone. You just shake your phone and you are song will change.

7. Rocket Player

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The app, which was the first time has quite bugs. Let me tell you that this app 5 bands equalizer, 30 themes, built-in editor, sleep times and many more features are also supports.

We are informing that you have it in the music app is amazing apps. Now anywhere you can enjoy listening to songs using these apps.

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