How to Remove Name From TrueCaller

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If you have smartphone user then, of course, you must be used to a true caller. Or will be using. So today we will tell you how to remove the name from a true caller.

This true caller app is the app at your fingertips will give you a strange number identity. TrueCaller details to access the user's smartphone address book creates, of course, you do not ever have to use this app, but many exist in database and number of a true caller.

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They know that if your friend on your number is saved and he allows the app to access information, your name will appear on the true caller. If you do not want your details on the database of true caller appeared just a little effort you will have.

If you have an android phone, open the app and go to the icon at the top left side, tap people. About the visit by going to account setting and account deactivate it. Your phone is the iPhone, the app is opened into the gear icon in the top right-hand side of the tap up by going to the about true caller deactivate turn to account.

If your phone is window phone, then you go down the app and see three dot icon on the right side is visible in the back, went in setting the account to deactivate.

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TrueCaller to close the account, you can remove your number from the service. Go to page number to remove unlist of true caller enter your number with country code. By electing to unlit explanation. Enter the captcha verification, clicking on the list. TrueCaller request to do so to meet the number is removed after 24 hours. But it does not mean that your number will not always exist in this service.

 If your friends are to use this service or other, be sure to check your number  if you see again to remove your number from the true caller can demand.

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