How To Protect Your Smartphone From Viruses

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You should always protect your smartphone from viruses. Your smartphone is always connected to the internet, and that's why there is always the risk of the virus in the smartphone. Sometimes can be the virus reached hacker anybody in your smartphone.

For this advice you to in your smartphone, your smartphone will have to factory reset, so that can be the virus totally off. This is the easiest way. But the disadvantage of performing a factory reset all your data, games, and messages will be erased.

Today we will tell you how to protected the smartphone from viruses. it will give information about, so you do not have to reset the smartphone.

First, it looks just the same time that the virus problem occurs when you have an app run ?

In addition to the google play store app you downloaded from somewhere ? And this trouble began when an app you downloaded ? If your answer to there is ' Yes ' then you will have checked the virus. The first anti-virus installed on your smartphone and scan it.

The known value of the anti-virus app for smartphones can come in many names. If you want to choose one of them and you will find information here.

Dried smartphone 'Safe Mode' can also be used to boot. Then slowly you can drop them by choosing the file .

When the smartphone app to work in safe mode will turn off all data and the connection is closed. It is used to protect your device.

Android 4.0 or later operating system in safe mode into smartphone you can boot easily. But  may be the case with older devices.

Android 4.0 or an earlier operating system, turn off your device. The on-off button on your device keeps pressed for a while. when you see the logo of your smartphone by pressing the volume up and down buttons. Remember when tech device booting is completed. After that, you will be in safe mode.

Android 4.0 operating system for the on-off button down and keep your device until a pop-up appears.

Then you must click ok your device will boot in safe mode.

Then you can cut those files that you should not.

The best that you've downloaded the app, please cut them. Immediately after the virus problem will be brought under control.
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