These Things You Didn't Know You Could Do On Facebook

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If you regularly use the internet, you will have to facebook. But do you know how to use facebook completely ? even if you use the facebook, many feature that you do not know about facebook.
 Today we will tell you facebook tricks and facebook security features. Knowing that you'll become a master of facebook.

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Finding Your Extra Secret Inbox

Do you know what a hidden message box is also on facebook ? But facebook, which shows you what message you're done ?
 Most of the people know the box is just two short messages. The other one who looks and the second inbox.
The second message box, the message is that they come to those who are not on your friend list. It may surprise many of you facebook message hides.
First, go to the facebook website. After that, the message is on request. Here, you will write filter request. Click on it. Here you will see all filtered messages. As soon as you get at this hidden inbox saw it.

Notification On Login

This feature will prove to be extremely good for your account security. This setting is turned "ON", you can be more secure.
In addition to the first setting. Then click ON security and then the feature on, give notification when login.
Choose to get login alerts whenever someone logs into your account. Then do whatever you have to register, login alerts you will get the phone number or email listed.

Turning Your Facebook Profile Into a Page

Many times it happens that you need a facebook page for business. But never mind, you can change your facebook profile on the facebook page. Thereby your facebook profile will become a "BRAND", and your friends will become a fan of the page. For this, you need to have to begin facebook profile to page migration process.

Facebook Live Video 

The facebook live video, this feature recently launched by facebook, and use of this features is also great. The facebook feature, snap chat, and the periscope are fiercely fought.
 This new feature is used as lots of users and facebook pages. Using this feature anywhere you can tell your friends that you are doing right now.

Downloading Albums

Yes, Now you can download the album from facebook, not only can you share the album. For some time was not easy to download the album from facebook. But now it has become easier.
 To download any album, go to "Drop Down" menu and click on the corner.

Advanced Chat Setting

Facebook messenger will look you in the right-hand side bottom. That's what you have an option on what to do chat with people. Choose the options that what you have to chat.

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