Reliance Jio 4G Internet Tariff Plan Details

Mukesh Ambani, chairman of reliance communication has launched the cheapest plan. Reliance, the company compete with other service provider launch have the cheapest plan. May surprise you to stream movies and television, everything from music users get completely free. Mukesh Ambani has said it will use the data of the same users as much as it will reduce the cost of the same data. In such cases, the data pack prices have fallen by 25 rupees per GB.

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So today we're told the plan is the tariff of Reliance Jio.

Rs. 149 plan

It will get 100 SMS and 300 MB of  4G data.

Rs. 499 plan

Under this plan will be 4 GB 4 G data and night will get unlimited data. moreover, the unlimited SMS will also feature. simultaneously live 8 GB of data access via wi-fi hotspot, user receive.

Rs. 999 plan

Under this plan, the users will be 4 G 10 GB of data. The 20 GB wifi hotspot can also use.

Rs. 1499 plan

L is the name of the plan. The company will give the user 20 GB 4 G and wi-fi data 40 GB free data will provide a hotspot.

Rs. 1499 plan

So which the name of the plan is XL. Under this, the user will have  35 GB wi-fi 4 G data via hotspot you can also use 70 GB free data.

Rs. 3999 plan

Plan this XXL 4 G 60 GB and 120 GB of data , data will also be a free wifi hotspot.

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