Most Expensive Cell Phones In The World

Most expensive cell phones, have you ever wondered how much of that is the world's most expensive phones ? All these expensive cell phone diamonds, gold, and gems are engaged. Let me tell you that what we have today is the world's most expensive cell phone.

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 The most expensive phones in the Apple iPhone 6 is a falcon supernova pink diamond. Its price is $ 45.5 million ie Rs 3 billion. Judy pink diamond in the phone makes it so expensive.

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Here, on the second of the Apple iPhone 5 is the Black Diamond. The cost of $ 15 million, ie it is Rs 99 crore, with this phone, like expensive diamonds, precious metal engaged. This phone has the home button is the black diamond. Not only in the phone's logo is also 53 diamonds and 24-carat gold is the rump.

Diamond Rose iPhone 4 comes in at No. 3, 32 GB. Cost is $ 8, ie Rs 53 crore of the phone, not only in this phone is the 100-carat 500 diamonds.

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This comes after the fourth number to the iphone 3 G supreme gold straiker. Its price is close to $ 3.2 million per quarter to Rs. 21 crore. The 22 carat gold and 136 diamonds are coating. the navigation button is on the 7.1 carar diamond.

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Iphone 3 G kings button finished fifth with $ 2.5 million, or half the iphone is Rs. 16 crore. 18 carat yellow, white and pink gold has been used. There are 138 diamonds.
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