Top Video Calling Apps

In today's age, everyone wants to have video calling. Smartphones have become even easier to work. Today, because this app we have revolutionized video calls with anyone. Video calling app is new and exciting techniques which help us to their friends and relatives to see their faces when speaking by mobile.

These days all the people have mobile with new quality front facing camera. With this high-speed internet video calls, we can help. All our mobile video calling app is extremely important. So let's know that the free video calling apps for android.

1. Line

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This app is a very popular app, this app from your device to another device people to talk face to face option allowed. It is extremely easy to use. This video call to the name of the person you choose to go to the line in the list, so you will want to talk. The use of video calling app that we can do for free. For this you will have to install this app. Go to the google play store. This app offers high-quality video calling.

2. Skype
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Skype will ever hear about it all the time or because the most well-known names in the world of video calling and this is the best video calling app for android phone. A person or a group with the help of skype with video call for free anywhere in the world. Because of its composition, which is very easy to use, anyone can easily understand. Millions of people and lots of companies high-quality video calls are to be used with skype.
The app has 700 million registered users around the world.

3. IMO
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This app is also a well-known app, you can also have free video calling. Specifically, it is the best that you can use it on 2G networks. In this app, you love that also get the sticker, which you can express your feelings. But before starting a video calling on the IMO has to account. After that, it can benefit you.

4. Google Duo
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This is an excellent and advanced video calling app. It was launched a few months ago. This app gives you his phone number has to account. As soon as you enter your phone number, so your friends can video calling. You can download this app from the google play store.

5. Hangouts
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This app is a product of Google Apps and it is also well known. This app is great demand in the market. The video calling feature can also provide you with audio calling. To use this app requires your Google account

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