Why Android Phone Is Better Than Iphone

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Just a few days ago, Apple launched the iPhone 6's, there was a discussion on all sides of the phone. But even such a love that proves that the reason that Android phones are better than  apple.

1. If we speak of memory and storage to get as much as we have on the iPhone, but Android is not so. We also can put the memory card in Android phones and you want to take the space.

2. Are you out of your Android phone's battery should be discharged soon, or if you can replace the new battery is also installed. But the iPhone can not do. Nowadays, some Android phones have arrived there, you can not remove the battery.

3. Android phone you can charge from any USB cable, it is its beauty. But the iPhone is not the case, it has to use the iPhone as a special charger and cable is also different.

4. Android phone to your computer or laptop you easily can transfer pictures and files. But the iPhone can not do that because the iPhone was not the facility. For this, you keep iphoto in iPhone is extremely important.

5. If you like to listen to songs in your Android phone can also put songs. But the iPhone is not the case. iPhone using iTunes, you have to put the songs.

6. Many expensive Android phone is also provided such that it works like a remote control. But the iPhone is not a feature.

7. Android phone app as much as you can on the home screen and can use widgets. But the iPhone you have to put all the apps on the same screen.
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